This year I have set myself an ambitious task: I will attempt to read 51 books this year.

This idea came to me after reading a post from Entomology of a Bookworm. The idea of the challenge is to take 12 books from your ‘To Be Read’ pile – along with two alternatives – and read them throughout the year. I have taken this idea and somewhat expanded, dramatically.

Here is the list of what I have read in 2014:

  1. Evelyn Waugh, Brideshead Revisited, 1945, 331pp.
  2. David Malouf, Randsom, 2009, 224 pp.
  3. Mark Zukas, The Book Thief, 584pp.
  4. Franco Moretti, The Bourgeois: Between history and literature, 2013, 187pp.
  5. Richard Flanagan, The Narrow Road to the Deep North, 2013, 467pp.
  6. Peter Stanley, Bad Characters: Sex, Crime, Mutiny, Murder and the Australian Imperial Force, 2010, 288pp.
  7. James Brown, Anzac’s Long Shadow: The Cost of Our National Obsession, 2014, 170pp.
  8. Fiona McFarlane, The Night Guest, 2013, 276pp.
  9. Hannah Kent, Burial Rites, 2013, 330pp.
  10. Mark Isaacs, The Undersirables, 2014, 331pp.
  11. Rosie Scott & Tom Keneally (eds), A Country Too Far, 2013, 272pp.
  12. Paul Toohey, That Sinking Feeling: Asylum Seekers and the Search for the Indonesian Solution, Quarterly Essay, No. 53, 2014, 94pp.
  13. Henry Reynolds, Forgotten War, 2013, 280pp.
  14. Carol Clerk, Vintage Tattoos: The Book of Old-School Skin Art, 2009, 249pp.
  15. Eleanor Catton, The Luminaries, 2013, 832pp.
  16. Edward St Aubyn, Lost for Words, 2014, 261pp.
  17. Edward St Aubyn, Never Mind, 1992, 197pp.
  18. Edward St Aubyn, Bad News, 1992, 242pp.
  19. Edward St Aubyn, Some Hope, 1994, 209pp.
  20. Edward St Aubyn, Mother’s Milk, 2005, 279pp.
  21. Edward St Aubyn, At Last, 2011, 264pp.
  22. John Hirst, Australian History in 7 Questions, 2014, 206pp.
  23. Luke Carman, An Elegant Young Man, 2013, 184pp.
  24. Albert Camus, The Stranger, 1947, 123pp.
  25. AM Homes, Jack, 1989, 221pp.
  26. Nathaniel Philbrick, Why Read Moby-Dick, 144pp.
  27. John Williams, Stoner, 1965, 278pp.
  28. John Carey, The Unexpected Professor: An Oxford Life in Books, 2014,
  29. L. Doctorow, Andrew’s Brain, 2014, 186pp.
  30. Jen Campbell, Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops,
  31. Jen Campbell, More Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops,
  32. David Vann, Legend of a Suicide, 2008, 228pp.
  33. Clive James, Unreliable Memoirs, 1980, 222pp.


So, I didn’t achieve my goal. Maybe next year…


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