After spending several years studying at tertiary level, three degrees later – Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education – I now begin my adventure in the Education Industry; and somewhat, the journey of life.

The ‘Tattooed Critic’ wordpress is my endeavour to practice and expand my writing skills in literature criticism, book reviews, history, and writing articles. Moreover, Tattooed Critic, through reflection,I will also sharemy experiences as a high school teacher. By making these posts public, allows for feedback on how to improve my writing, participate in conversation, and to share my experiences.

My posts will be on a wide range of topics – history, literature, books, coffee, craft beer, travel, tattoos, and tattoo art. These posts will also act as a trove for all the books I have read.

Nonetheless, modestly, I’m just a tattooed young-adult trying to get through an ever expanding and lengthening reading list.

IMG_0347 2


(Header Photo: Three Lives & Company Bookshop, New York City.)

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